Why learn German

Of course I think you should learn German, it's just really awesome. However, that alone may not convince you and that's why I've listed a few compelling reasons why you should learn German. 

  • German is easier for English speakers to learn. It is amazing how many cognates German has that you already use in English. The sentence structure is very similar, and the word order as well.

  • German is the most spoken language in Europe. Estimated 200 million people speak German worldwide, with Germany having about 80 million people, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Lichtenstein und Luxemburg add another 40 million German speakers in Europe. 

  • After 4 years of German in High School, you can test-out and receive college credit. 

  • Many businesses are thriving in Germany and you are favored if you speak German.

  • German is the official language for science nerds. Famous scientists from Austria,include Ernst Mach, Christian Doppler and Sigmund Freud. 

  • Switzerland has been a neutral country during war time over 190 years. 

  • Germany is the fourth largest economy after the US, China and Japan. 

  • Lets face it, Speaking German is just really cool. Watch the celebrity videos is you still don't believe me. 

Chris Pratt at the Oscar 2015                       Sarah Chalke during a Scrubs episode

Sandra Bullock receiving a Bambi Award   Leonardo DiCaprio Interview (2006)

German Inventions of the past 100 years