This section contributes to the historical and cultural aspects of German speaking countries. We will look at German history from WW2 to the Reunification, major historical points to Switzerland's independence from Austria.

      Berlin Wall: The Rise and Fall: A timeline by Faria Alam​

  • May 8, 1945~ World War II is over and Berlin is divided into 4 sectors. It is controlled by the United States, Britain, and France in the East and the Soviet Union on the West. 

  • May 26, 1952~ Only the border between East and West Berlin is opened while the border between East and West Germany is completely closed. 

  • June 17, 1953~ First uprising against the government occurs. 

  • December 11, 1957~ Prosecution laws for crossing the border are set by the government to prevent escape attempts. 

  • August 15, 1961- June 1962, 1965, 1980~The Berlin Wall went through 4 generations of improving the building to make it stronger or last longer and more difficult to escape. 

  • August 26, 1961~ All crossing points are now closed for West Berlin citizens. 

  • June 26, 1963~ JFK visits West Berlin and makes a speech claiming that he is as well, a Berliner. 

  • December 17, 1963~ West Berlin citizens are allowed to visit East Berlin citizens for the first time. 

  • June 12, 1987~ President Reagan flies over to Germany and urges Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the wall. 

  • September 10, 1989~ Hungary opens its borders for East German refugees. 

  • November 9, 1989~ Berlin wall opens. (171 People were shot trying to cross the wall between 1961 and 1989)

  • December 22, 1989~ The process of tearing down the wall started

  • October 3, 1990~ Germany is reunited at last.

Reunification of Germany

This 10 minutes

video describes the structure and use   of the  Berlin Wall. It explains why East Germany (DDR) was so successful in keeping its citizens walled in.  

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